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Barbara Elwood

Barbara Madigan Elwood, author

Author of “The Reading Xpress With OK Reading”  - Retired teacher, Speech Pathologist, and Tutor. 

Attended University of Denver, Mills College, University of Colorado – BA in Speech Pathology and Audiology.  Utah State University- MS in Creative Communications

"I have always been passionate about the learning process and the arts as a venue for kids struggling to learn.  When I first came upon the realization that the arts – theater, music, poetry and drawing—were great tools to spark the interest, imagination and latent talents in children with various types of disabilities, I encouraged platforms for which they could share them to gain positive recognition such as talent shows in public schools and  performances for military hospitals.  I realised what a profound effect this participatory approach bears on the social and intellectual development of children.  I worked in Colorado  both in public schools for three years and privately.  I served a stint in Alaska as a speech pathologist for a U.S. Naval base and publc schools.

As a Denver, Colorado native I grew up with mentors and friends who were literature teachers and actors.  These folks were instrumental in delivering  the idea of arts in teaching to new levels by developing a pilot program in Los Angeles using a professional actress- storyteller to supplement the curriculum.  This was highly successful for creating interest and enthusiasm.  The documented research in this endeaver resulted in my master’s thesis for further applications of the idea in Utah Public Schools.  Most recently a storyteller was incorporated into Collegeview Denver Public School.  Further studies led me to promote the use of Reading Buddy Dogs as companion listeners.  This preceded a reading theater dog in Los Angeles."

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